Shag, Rattle & Roll

The Collegiate Shag Weekender



Collegiate Shag is a wonderful dynamic dance. Unfortunately it did not quite take off in Germany/Europe yet.

There are many pure Balboa workshops but mostly only Shag taster lessons and hardly any regular weekly classes.

In order to change this we (Axel & Ilka from Berlin and Christine from Munich) have created the „Shag it!“-Weekender in 2011 as a rotating workshop alternating between Munich, Berlin and London.

The first years in Munich, Berlin and London were already a big success and we are confident that this year will be even bigger.

At the „Shag it!“-Weekender everything will be centered around Collegiate Shag and will provide all levels of participants with enough input for the next months back home. However, our main focus is on the higher intermediate and advanced level with smaller, more intensive classes for all international participants.

Collegiate Shag

The dance sequence starts at 1:35


Gymnasium: LĂĽckstraĂźe 60, 10317 Berlin
S-Bahn Station Nöldnerplatz

Saturday Studio 1 Studio 2
09:45 – 10:00 Registration  
10:00 – 11:15 BEGINNER
Mirjam & Alex
First Shag Steps
Axel & Ilka
11:30 – 12:45 BEGINNER
Mirjam & Alex
Kleine Beginner Rueda
Christoph & Lina
Single-, Double-, & Triple-Time
12:45 – 13:30 Lunch Break
13:30 – 14:45 BEGINNER
Vlad & Anastasia
Fancy kick variations
15:00 – 16:15 BEGINNER
Vlad & Anastasia
Lead & Follow
Peter & Marina
16:30 – 17:45 INTERMEDIATE
Peter & Marina
Vlad & Anastasia
Footworks for music interpretation
Sunday Studio 1 Studio 2
10:00 – 11:15 BEGINNER
Axel & Ilka
Peter & Marina
11:30 – 12:45 BEGINNER
Peter & Marina
Vlad & Anastasia
Build your own patterns
12:45 – 13:30 Lunch Break
13:30 – 14:45 INTERMEDIATE
Vlad & Anastasia
Fast turns
Peter & Marina
15:00 – 16:15 INTERMEDIATE
Mirjam & Alex
Moves aus alten Videoclips 
Axel & Christine

Subject to change

Vlad & Anastasia
Vlad & Anastasia


Axel & Ilka
Axel & Ilka

Lina & Christoph
Lina & Christoph

Mirijam & Alex
Mirjam & Alex

Peter & Marina
Marina & Peter


For the Shag it!-Weekend everything is about music, dance and people.
We will have two official Shag it!-Parties on Friday and Saturday with live music, Collegiate Shag taster and Shows.
1st May – Shag it! Friday night @ GrĂĽner Salon
Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz 2, 10178 Berlin
20:00 p. m. Entrance – 20:15 p. m. Collegiate Shag taster
Live: Andreas Hofschneider Quartett and Bettina Labeau
DJ Jumpin’ Andi
Enjoy the marvelous vintage atmosphere of GrĂĽner Salon!

2nd May – Shag it! Saturday night party @ Dancing Suite
Storkower Str. 140, staircase A, 3rd floor, 10407 Berlin
20:00 p. m. Entrance – 20:15 p. m. Collegiate Shag taster
Live: Gitty and the Hopcats
Shag performances: Groovy Cats (Prague), The Shag Pack (Munich)
For those of you that arrive early or stay longer and just can’t get enough – this is where we recommend to Swinging Berlin:
30th April – SWING my gipsy soul, ROCK my rusty hips. Live mit Acoustiqe Express –
3rd May – 10:30 a. m. – Eierschale Zenner – Jazzbrunch with The Swing Dance Band and David Rose –
3rd May – 5 p. m. – Swing by the Riverside – Springtime Special – Kind of Dukish Big Band –
Or have a look at:



Please fill out one registration form for each participant.

Intermediate and Beginner Level are sold out:
Unfortunately, the Intermediate and Beginner Level are fully booked. If you register for one of these levels nevertheless your name will be on a waiting list and if a place becomes free, we will contact you by Email.

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2 Classes 35 €* | 45 €
3 Classes 50 €* | 65 €
1 Day (4 Classes) 65 €* | 85 €
5 Classes 85 €* | 110 €
2 Days (6 Classes) 95 €* | 125 €
Full Dance Weekend incl. 2 Parties 117 €* | 147 €
Parties only (2 Shag it! Parties) 22 €

* student price

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        1. 1. Can I participate without a partner?
          Yes, you can. If the balance between leaders and followers looks too uneven we might block certain classes for single followers.
        2. 2. Do classes build up on each other?
          No. Usually each class is stand alone/is separate.
        3. 3. How can I find accommodation?
          Close to the Shag-it-Venue (Address Gymnasium: LĂĽckstraĂźe 60, 10317 Berlin) there are some very reasonably priced bed and breakfasts. For example:
        4. 4. What different kinds of payment ar possible?
          You can pay per bank transfer (usually free of charge) or per PayPal. If you plan on paying manually through PayPal, please add a 5% transaction fee to the amount due.
        5. 5. Is it possible to purchase tickets for the parties at the door?
        6. 6. Where do I get the pre booked & pre paid tickets for the evening events?
          The pre booked and paid tickets will be available for you at the door under your name.
        7. 7. Can I change levels if the booked level proved to be too much of a challenge or not challenging enough?
          Yes, you can change levels after talking to one of the organisers to ensure that lead/follow balance remains at an acceptable level!
        8. 8. Can I cancel my booking? [Cancellation Policy]
          Due to German law online ticket bookings are final. The German Distance Selling Act allows a two week revocation period, but according to § 312b Paragraph 3 Nr. 6 BGB it is not applicable for ticket sales or camp bookings. However we allow you to cancel your whole booking. Depending on the date of cancellation different cancellation fees will apply:
            • If cancelled more than 2 months before arrival, cancellation fee of 10% applies (min. 10 EUR)
            • If cancelled between 2 months to 2 weeks before arrival, cancellation fee of 50% applies
            • If cancelled less than 2 weeks before arrival, the booking is not refundable
        9. Additionally you can transfer your whole booking to another person. For this service a transfer fee of 10 Euros is charged.
        10. Subject to modification